Blackline Team

The team has extensive energy industry experience and expertise spanning multiple disciplines including acquisitions, deal origination, commercial negotiation, project development, construction management, engineering, risk management, structuring, financing, operational management and oversight, regulatory knowledge and compliance.

Mike Day Blackline Partners James M. Day
Founder, CEO and Chairman

Mike serves as Chief Executive Officer and brings 41 years of broad leadership experience in crude and products trading, terminals, pipelines, marine, rail and trucking.

Blackline Partners Justin Day Justin M. Day
Co-founder and President

Justin is co-founder and President of Blackline and brings 15 years of leadership experience in asset development and optimization, strategic corporate growth, capital project management, engineering, permitting, and construction.

Blackline Partners Guillermo Sierra Guillermo Sierra
EVP, Head of Corporate Strategy

Guillermo serves as Executive Vice President and leads Blackline’s corporate strategy.

Blackline Partners Bill Swan William C. Swan
VP, Business Development

Bill serves as Vice President of Business Development and brings 23 years of leadership experience in asset development, rail, logistics, marketing, terminal operations and development, and midstream business development focused in crude and LPGs.

Blackline Partners Joe Natale Giuseppe Natale
VP, Business Development

Joe serves as Vice President of Business Development and brings more than 19 years of experience in terminal liquid bulk storage facilities.

Blackline Partners Mike Vogt Michael Vogt Michael T. Vogt
Director of IT

Mr. Vogt is the Director of IT & Infrastructure Development for Blackline Partners, LLC and brings extensive experience in the development and execution of enterprise-wide information technology systems.

The Principals and Team of Blackline Partners include some of the most highly experienced and successful crude oil and products logistics development professionals in North America